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Seoul is the beautiful capital city of South Korea. It has been the most important, central city in Korean history for the past 600 years. It's a beautiful blend of modern architecture and business and traditional history and culture. I've lived in South Korea for the past 10 years. I have explored and photographed much of this beautiful city. I hope you will enjoy exploring life in Seoul with me through this photo journal, my photography, and videos.

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An alleyway with Neon Lights in Seoul. The photograph is a part of the documentary photography project of Neon Lights in Seoul, South Korea by The Photo Memoirs.

Photo Journal 09.03.2022 – Neon Lights in Seoul

I’m happy to share with you just a few photographs today taken earlier in the year. These photographs will be included in my newly uploaded 4th Photo Collection entitled “Neon Lights (Seoul)”. I have always been very fascinated with doing street/documentary style photography since purchasing my first DSLR in 2015. I especially enjoy doing photography …

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Wired Seoul Collection, Documentary Photography Project in Seoul, South Korea by The Photo Memoirs

Photo Journal 09.01.2022 (Uploading, Updating, and Displaying More Current Project Galleries)

Today’s journal is also some basic updates and news on my current projects documenting life in Seoul, South Korea. I have been bad at publicly publishing my work either on social media or on my website. I have over 100,000 photographs, but in total, I may have only shared about 0.02% of my photographs ever! …

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시장 Collection; Street Photography Series Documenting Korea's Traditional street markets, called 시장 (sijang) in Korean. Photo Series by The Photo Memoirs

Photo Journal 08.31.2022 (Presenting My First Online Gallery—시장)

Today’s journal is a simple one. I have been taking lots of photographs lately, some of which I’ll be sharing here in the near future. I’m happy to present you with some quick updates and news about my work. I will be soon sharing more and more video content. I’m ready to go with some …

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Photo Journal 8.24.2022 (Reviewing Street Photos from January 2021)

Today was a good day. After finishing my daily schedules I headed out to do some photography, camera, and tripod in hand. I will be sharing some of the results from today’s work within the next few days. For this journal, I am sharing some photographs from the local area here in Eunpyeong District, Seoul, …

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Gyeongbokgung Palace Photo Guide

Gyeongbokgung Palace is the grandest palace in Seoul since its construction over 600 years ago at the dawn of the Joseon Dynasty. This is my complete Gyeongbokgung Palace Photo Guide. The palace is rich in history, however, the original structures have been sadly destroyed and since reconstructed. It’s also been said that much of the …

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The #1 Complete Seoul Photo Guide

Welcome to the #1 complete Seoul photo guide. I’m a photographer based in Seoul, South Korea. I have been here exploring, documenting, and photographing life throughout the city for the past 8 years. This guide is my complete guide for travelers and photographers looking to explore Seoul’s largest attractions and sights, as well as the …

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Photo Journal 8.19.2022 (Seoul Street Photography—Hongdae)

In today’s journal, I will share with you some more photographs from my adventures in May 2016. At that time, one of my most frequently visited places in Seoul for street photography was Hongdae, aka Hongik University. This area is very lively until late at night with lots of young people out and about meeting …

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Long-Exposure Night Photography in Seoul, South Korea by Photographer Don MacDonell

Long-Exposure/Light Stream Photography (Oct 2015)

In the following podcast-like video I share some of my photographs doing Long-Exposure photography at night in front of Gyeongbokgung Palace some 7 years ago! I’m happy to reflect and comment on my work after years of added experience. Feel free to share your thoughts or questions on the photographs in the comments below.