Jeong-dong Photo Guide

Jeong-dong is a neighborhood in Jung Gu District, Seoul, South Korea. Description Paragraph 1 Description Paragraph 2 Final Description Latest Articles From Jeong-dong View all articles from Jeong-dong Jeong-dong Photo Guide This Photo Guide of Jeong-dong will serve as an overall guide to the entire […]

Light Street in Jung Gu District, Seoul, South Korea Street Photography

Jung Gu Photo Guide

Jung Gu is one of the 25 districts of Seoul, South Korea, north of the Han River in the center of the city. It is known for many popular attractions including many shopping districts and traditional markets. Jung Gu is divided into 76 distinct neighborhoods […]

Flashback to the Dongdaemun Design Plaza

Currently, I’ve been reviewing all of my old photographs in order, something I strongly recommend every photographer to do regularly! Today I’m taken back to the beginning of 2016. At this time, I was using my old amateur/beginner-level entry DSLR. It was a Canon 600D, […]