Daejo Dong Photo Guide

Daejo Dong is a neighborhood in the northwest Seoul district of Eunpyeong. Description Paragraph 2 Final Description Latest Articles From Daejo Dong View all articles from Daejo Dong Daejo Dong Photo Guide This Photo Guide of Daejo Dong will serve as an overall guide to […]

Bulgwang-Dong Photo Guide

Bulgwang, (Bulgwang 1(il)-Dong and 2(i)-Dong), are two of the 16 neighborhoods of Seoul’s Eunpyeong-Gu District. From south to north clockwise it borders Nokbeon-dong, Daejo-dong, Galhyeon-dong, Jingwan-dong, and Jongno District to the east. Bulgwang-Dong Roads There are three main streets that run through the neighborhood. Jinheung-ro […]

Eunpyeong Gu (District) Photo Guide

Eunpyeong Gu District (은평구) is one of the 25 districts of Seoul. It’s located in the northwestern corner of Seoul. It borders Goyang, Gyeonggi Province to the west, and Seoul’s Jongno, Seodaemun, and Mapo districts to the east, southeast, and southwest. Eunpyeong Gu District includes […]

Complete Photo Journal—12.16.2022 (Fri)

On a daily basis, I try to do photography as much as I can throughout my day. I absolutely love photography! There are not many people out there who are more passionate about photography than I am. However, as much as I’m enthusiastic about my […]

Boxes Collection, Seoul, South Korea Documentary Photography

Journal—11.27.2022 New Collection

I’ve officially added a new collection to my galleries here on my website. For a long time, I have been drawn to documenting life in Seoul, South Korea, as well as the other places that I visit on the peninsula. One thing that I have […]

Photo Journal 11.09.2022

Lately, even during busy days, I try to be a little creative at least a little bit every day. I feel this is a very effective way to challenge myself and grow as an artist. One of the simpler projects that I have is my […]

Every Photograph Should Have a Story Behind it!

As the title suggests, every photograph that you take should have some type of story behind it. Now what type of story it is that you’re telling or if others will understand the story immediately is a different thing. Of course, we don’t want to […]