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Seoul is the beautiful capital city of South Korea. It has been the most important, central city in Korean history for the past 600 years. It's a beautiful blend of modern architecture and business and traditional history and culture. I've lived in South Korea for the past 10 years. I have explored and photographed much of this beautiful city. I hope you will enjoy exploring life in Seoul with me through this photo journal, my photography, and videos.

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Journal—11.27.2022 New Collection

I’ve officially added a new collection to my galleries here on my website. For a long time, I have been drawn to documenting life in Seoul, South Korea, as well as the other places that I visit on the peninsula. One thing that I have noticed while photographing and documenting here is some of the …

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Photo Journal 11.09.2022

Lately, even during busy days, I try to be a little creative at least a little bit every day. I feel this is a very effective way to challenge myself and grow as an artist. One of the simpler projects that I have is my Seoul Wired Series. Simple in concept, but a creative challenge …

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Every Photograph Should Have a Story Behind it!

As the title suggests, every photograph that you take should have some type of story behind it. Now what type of story it is that you’re telling or if others will understand the story immediately is a different thing. Of course, we don’t want to blindly photograph absolutely everything, randomly clicking snaps everywhere without a …

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Photo Journal 09.28.2022—Full Evening of Street Photography

Today was a really good day, a busy day. In the early evening, I jumped on the bus and traveled close to Namdaemun Market in Seoul. From there I walked and did street photography past Myeongdong, to Chungmuro. From Chungmuro, I walked up to Euljiro 3ga, Euljiro 4ga, and then up through Gwangjang Market to …

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Sept 2022 First Look Review—Gupabal Street Photography

First Look Review—Night Street Photography in Gupabal, Eunpyeong-gu

Today on my way home I decided to stop off at Gupabal station in Eunpyeong-gu Seoul to continue exploring the area a little bit and do some photography before returning home after a long day. I’m happy to share some of the results of my exploration in this video. I take my first look at …

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Photo Journal 09.17.2022—Reviewing Photographs from 2015

Today was one of those days I didn’t get out as much as usual. Yesterday afternoon to evening I spend a considerable amount of time exploring and documenting my journey in Gwanghwamun, including the newly reconstructed Gwanghwamun Square. I walked toward the beautiful sky as the sun set over the Jongno 1(il)-ga, Jongno 2(i)-ga, and …

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Evening Walk in Residential Seoul | GoPro Hero 10 Night Test, Upcoming Video Content

Come with me on an evening walk in residential Seoul, South Korea. I’m testing out my new GoPro Hero 10 at night. I will be creating some new content in video form. Explore Seoul, and the rest of the peninsula with me on my journey. I’ll also be doing some POV street photography. The content …

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October 2015—Gangnam Slight Long-Exposure

Back in October 2015, I was exploring the streets of Gangnam, right near the famous Gangnam station in the Gangnam district. I learned about long-exposure photography shortly before this particular day. I experimented with doing timelapse videos around this time as well. This evening, I was out to create timelapse videos of some scenes in …

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