Street Photography in Hwangji-dong, Taebaek, Gangwon-do, South Korea. Elderly Korean womans walks down an alleyway wearing her face mask during near the end of the Corona Pandemic in South Korea.

Photo Journal 12.05.2022—Exploring alleyways in Hwangji-dong, Taebaek

Exploring Hwangji-dong Alleyways—Photo Journal 12.05.2022 This is my second journal for this day, we visited Taebaek, Gangwon-do Province, and enjoyed exploring a little of Hwangji-dong. I explored some of the Hwangji Free Market and was pleasantly surprised to discover some of the fascinating alleyways close […]

Complete Photo Journal—12.16.2022 (Fri)

On a daily basis, I try to do photography as much as I can throughout my day. I absolutely love photography! There are not many people out there who are more passionate about photography than I am. However, as much as I’m enthusiastic about my […]

Boxes Collection, Seoul, South Korea Documentary Photography

Journal—11.27.2022 New Collection

I’ve officially added a new collection to my galleries here on my website. For a long time, I have been drawn to documenting life in Seoul, South Korea, as well as the other places that I visit on the peninsula. One thing that I have […]

Photo Journal 11.09.2022

Lately, even during busy days, I try to be a little creative at least a little bit every day. I feel this is a very effective way to challenge myself and grow as an artist. One of the simpler projects that I have is my […]

I have a Million Ideas!

So, thanks for checking out this quick little journal entry. I seem to be neglecting the blog just a little bit although I have a million thoughts and ideas. I go about my daily activities and I’m also considering what I can do in regard […]

Every Photograph Should Have a Story Behind it!

As the title suggests, every photograph that you take should have some type of story behind it. Now what type of story it is that you’re telling or if others will understand the story immediately is a different thing. Of course, we don’t want to […]

Photo Journal 09.17.2022—Reviewing Photographs from 2015

Today was one of those days I didn’t get out as much as usual. From yesterday afternoon to evening I spend a considerable amount of time exploring and documenting my journey in Gwanghwamun, including the newly reconstructed Gwanghwamun Square. I walked toward the beautiful sky […]

October 2015—Gangnam Slight Long-Exposure

Back in October 2015, I was exploring the streets of Gangnam, right near the famous Gangnam station in the Gangnam district. I learned about long-exposure photography shortly before this particular day. I experimented with doing timelapse videos around this time as well. This evening, I […]

Long exposure photography in Seogwipo City, Jeju Island, South Korea. Sea photography by The Photo Memoirs

March 2022 – Seogwipo, Jeju Island random seaside long exposure

On my trip to Jeju Island back in March 2022, I spent some time on the coast of a random location in Seogwipo on an evening during sunset. Unfortunately, there was a terrible overcast. So I couldn’t see any colors associated with a clear day sunset. Still, I wasn’t […]

Yongmeori Coast, Andeok-Myeon, Seogwipo, Jeju Island Street Photograph of children playing at a mini amusement park/fair near Sanbangsan by The Photo Memoirs

March 2022 – Sanbangsan, Yongmeori Coast Street Photo 02

I photographed this image on my short trip to Yongmeori Coast (용머리해안), located in Andeok-Myeon, Seogwipo, Jeju Island. This is a famous little tourist attraction with lots of visitors. Following the Korean blogs of places to visit, this is certainly one of them, so traveling to the Seogwipo area, you […]

Street Photography in Jeju Island at Yongmeori Coast, Seogwipo City by The Photo Memoirs

March 2022 Sanbangsan, Yongmeori Coast – Street Photo 01

There is a beautiful photography spot in Andeok-Myeon Seogwipo, Jeju Island. It’s a famous area called Yongmeori Coast, the name literally means dragon head coast because of its shape. On arriving we were unable to take the boat ride along the coast, but I was happy to just walk […]