Seoul Tower, a.k.a. Namsan Tower, is a beautiful tourist attraction in SeoulSouth Korea. The following is a complete look at my personal photography journal detailing my adventures to and nearby Seoul Tower.

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Photo Archive

My Complete Photo Archive of Seoul Tower:
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September 2014

I was happy to take an evening trip to Seoul Tower (aka Namsan Tower) in late September 2014, where I photographed a bit with my on-camera flash. I took a few photographs of the lit-up city from the tower all handheld. The photographs are not extraordinary by any means, I was doing photographs using all auto settings in jpeg at the time. I was happy to be out exploring and getting used to my new camera. Here are some of the results of my night trip to Seoul Tower.

Of the above photographs, I don’t mind the photo of the love sign and the close-up flash photograph of the heart-shaped lock. Other than that the majority of the images were throwaways. (Though I do keep them regardless of such for personal reflection.)

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