Dobong-Gu is one of the 25 districts of SeoulSouth Korea located in the northeast of the city. The following is a complete look at my personal photography journal detailing my adventures to and nearby Dobong-Gu.

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September 2014

In mid-Septmeber 2014 I wanted to visit a place I hadn’t explored yet so I researched Dobong-Gu and ended out exploring the neighborhood of Banghak-dong. The trip mainly took me to graveyards and tombs and lots of hiking along the base of Dobong Mountain, which the area is famous for. I followed walking trails and found the small village-like outskirts and small land of the neighborhood at the base of the mountain and trails the most fascinating. Here are some of the images from my trip.

Exploring Dobong-gu I came across a variety of gravesites and tombs. Such as royal tombs including Prince Yeonsangun’s tomb, and the neatly kept, gated gravesite of Princess Jeongui, the second daughter of King Sejong the Great from the mid-1400s Joseon Dynasty. The images below are what I found the most fascinating, the houses and small farmland at the edges of Banghak-dong near the base of Dobong Mountain.

I shared a total of 43 images of the total 215 images that I photographed that day in my photo journey in September 2014 part 2.

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