Taebaek city is a beautiful mountainous rural area in the southern part of Gangwon-do province, South Korea.

Taebaek is bordered from the west clockwise: Gangwon-do Province Yeongwol-gun, Jeongseon-gun, Samcheoksi, and North Gyeongsang Province’s Bonghwa-gun to the south.

Taebaek city is divided into 8 administrative dongs: Cheoram-dong, Gumoonso-dong, Hwangji-dong, Hwangyeon-dong, Jangseong-dong, Mungoksodo-dong, Samsoo-dong, and Sangjang-dong, some of which are divided further into several more neighborhoods.

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Taebaek Photo Guide

This Photo Guide of Taebaek will serve as a brief overview of the entire city. To take a closer look at specific neighborhoods or attractions, you may select and open the desired location below.

(This guide will be continuously updated.)

My Photography Activities in Taebaek (12.04.2022~Current):
Photographs: 142
Video Footage: 6mins 2secs

The following is my Taebaek Photo Gallery. You may view enlarged photographs by clicking on the image.

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Taebaek Neighborhoods:

– Cheoram-dong

– Gumoonso-dong


Hwangji-dong is the main town in Taebaek. It’s also the location of the City Bus Terminal and Train station, making it the center area for travelers visiting by public transportation. It’s certainly well worth visiting Hwangji-dong, especially if you’re seeking an escape from the city. You can slow it down and enjoy photographing a small town. There are many interesting details to explore and document.

Hwangji Free Market

A highlight of visiting any area in the South Korean peninsula is exploring the traditional markets. It’s always a highlight of my trips to visit such areas. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring and photographing at the Hwangji Free Market in the town.

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– Hwangyeon-dong

– Jangseong-dong

– Mungoksodo-dong


— Hwajeon-dong

Mongtorang Mountain Goat Farm

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Mongtorang Goat Farm. With Taebaek being mostly mountain ranges, there are mountains everywhere, which are nicely seen from the high peak of the location of the goat farm. You can enjoy a latte, photograph the animals, and have a view of the surrounding mountains and the town below.

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– Sangjang-dong

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