South Korea Photo Guide

Welcome to my Complete South Korea Photo Guide. I have been living and doing photography in South Korea since 2014. I’m pleased to present you with this guide to some of the best, most beautiful locations in the country. This guide is primarily for photographers, however, other travelers, tourists, and locals may also find this guide useful for finding interesting new things to see throughout the peninsula. Without further ado, I’m happy to present you with this complete photo guide to South Korea.

The guide below serves as a brief preview of the best of each Korean city and province. You can further explore each location through our city and province guides. The links to each guide are indicated under the appropriate heading below.

(*This guide will be continuously updated*)

Seoul (서울특별시)

Seoul (서울특별시) is the capital city of South Korea. It’s also the largest and most populated city in the country. There is so much to see across Seoul, including historical palaces from the Joseon dynasty, modern architecture, beautiful parks, traditional marketplaces, shopping districts, and nightlife areas around famous universities. There is a large river that flows through the entirety of Seoul west to east and beyond, called the Han River, and a national park mountain range, called Bukhansan.

Seoul is located in the northwestern portion of the peninsula, comfortably situated in the center of the Gyeonggi Province and the city of Incheon.

Busan (부산광역시)

Busan (부산광역시) is the second largest city on the peninsula. It’s a major port city situated on the southeastern coast. Busan boasts many famous beaches that draw millions of visitors throughout the year. There’s a gorgeous contrast between city life in Korea with tall buildings, busy residential and commercial regions, as well as the coastal region along the sea where you can experience the fresh air of the sea.

You can also observe fishermen and boating. There is a surge of fresh, delicious seafood, among other good food!

Daegu (대구광역시)


Incheon (인천광역시)


Gwangju (광주광역시)


Daejeon (대전광역시)


Ulsan (울산광역시)


Sejong (세종특별자치시)


Jeju Island (제주도, 제주특별자치도)

Jeju Island

Gyeonggi-do (경기도)


Gangwon-do (강원도)


North Chungcheong (충청북도)

North Chungcheong

South Chungcheong (충청남도)

South Chungcheong

North Jeolla (전라북도)

North Jeolla

South Jeolla (전라남도)

South Jeolla

North Gyeongsang (경상북도)

North Gyeongsang

South Gyeongsang (경상남도)

South Gyeongsang

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