I’m testing out this new video idea! I love black and white photography, especially high-contrast, street/documentary-style photos! That’s where I shine, as it were. After sending photographs to an old friend, he readily expected black and white, and referred to me as the ‘king of black and white!’ (I’m not sure if I can officially claim that crown, though! 😅) I’ve certainly spent a lot of time over the years improving my work and I continue refining my black-and-white work! I’m positive it will be further refined in the years to come, but I’m happy where I’m at, at present!

I get many compliments, comments, and messages specifically commending my black-and-white work., and truthfully, I’m much more confident in this work than in my color photographs. With that in mind, I decided to test out a new idea! A video series that I’ve entitled “Seeing in Black and White“. I will examine my video footage exploring Seoul in black and white, to identify further photographic possibilities and train the eye to see in black and white.

I hope this will be useful for those interested in mastering black-and-white photography!
Here is the first video of this series:

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