One of my ongoing projects in Seoul, South Korea is my project documenting box collecting. South Korea is known for its miraculous growth following the Korean war. The country quickly developed from a poor, war-torn country to a booming economy, IT powerhouses, and increasingly popular entertainment. However, with all this quick expansion, there also leaves a huge generation gap. Much of the elderly generation struggles to survive in modern Korean society. We can find this hard-working, salt-of-the-earth, elderly generation working the farms in the countryside and selling goods in traditional markets. Others especially those without families to help assist them may find themselves with little means of living. Many that find themselves in this situation, work to support themselves by collecting boxes, which they can turn a large load in at garbage depots for a mere few dollars. Despite their struggle, they keep busy and work hard. I am often in awe of their work ethic and document this series with deep respect. I believe their story is one worth telling and remembering.

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