Today I had some work to attend to and other things I had to get done. Although it was a day without getting out, I photographed some photographs at home playing with my son. These photographs I will keep these amongst my family instead of making them public. However, I wanted to take the moment to share “I did take some photographs today!” I think even if they are personal shots just for you, make sure to stay regular. A good goal would be to take at least one image you’re proud of every day.

Also, I should take the time to reiterate how important personal photography really is. You’re taking photographs you’ll be able to look back on for the rest of your life. You’ll relive the memories with your loved ones for years, even decades to come. Nothing can be more precious than that!

That being said, I was also happy to review some of my past work. I selected a day back in May 2016 when I did some basic street photography. I have two photographs to share with you today. One was taken in Hongdae, a popular area in Seoul known for its young energy and nightlife. There are several universities near this area, lots of hangout spots, bars, restaurants, clubs, cafes, and the like. It’s also a popular destination for shopping and street music.

Here is the photograph that I took:

Black and White Night Street Photography in Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea
Settings: 50mm, 1/60sec, f/4, 400ISO (Shot with Canon 600D + Canon 50mm f/1.8 STM Prime Lens) | May 2016

I did a quick re-edit of the image with presets matching my current taste. My tastes have changed quite a bit in the past 6 years. This image was just one that I enjoyed looking back on. The cotton candy salesman with a big fluffy dog as the main star! Big, fluffy dogs in South Korea, especially in Seoul are a rarity.

A second image from the same day is one I thought was really cool:

Settings: 50mm, 1/250sec, f/3.2, 400ISO (Shot with Canon 600D + Canon 50mm f/1.8 STM Prime Lens) | May 2016

This photograph I think was really well done. As with the first photograph, I also re-edited with to my current taste. (The difference is slight, but there is some difference.) I also cropped in as I was photographing from outside the store window with my 50mm prime lens (80mm full-frame equivalent). The distance between the subject and me was significant enough to require a bit of cropping. I normally use prime lenses and my legs serve as my zoom. That’s the way I roll, sort of speak.

In the case of the above photograph, entering the store to take try to capture the image of this lady would have been just about impossible without completely disturbing the entire frame. Thus, in this case, I justify cropping the image in post-production.

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