Sunburst Photography—Photo Journal 12.07.2022

On a nice sunny afternoon in early December, I was exploring Jeong-dong, Jung-gu, and then skipped over to explore further in Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu. Lately, when the opportunity arose I’ve been drawn to photographing sunbursts. Sunbursts, or starbursts as they’re otherwise known, is photographing the sun in a way that its rays burst forward in a starlike shape. This is particularly used with landscape photography, but you can also utilize this technique in other forms of photography as well.

As for myself, I’ve been doing my regular documenting and using this technique for a different feel to some of my photography in the city. If been experimenting over the last while, and I’m really happy with the results both in color and in black and white, with my usual high-contrast look!

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– A Guide to Sunburst Photography (Coming Soon)
– A Guide to Starburst Photography (Coming Soon)
Defining my photography—Documenting the Beauty of Seoul

With my recent interest in sunburst photography during my documenting in Seoul, I decided to make it a project, which is now published as the Sunburst Collection.

The Day’s Photography

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In addition to the starburst photographs, I did some more exploring and documenting. I’m happy to share some of the other results from my afternoon of photography.

Since the following image was also photographed this day in Jeong-dong, I’m happy to also announce the Window Shopping Collection, a second new gallery that I’ve published today.

That’s a wrap for today! See you again shortly!

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