Visiting Hwangji Free Market—Photo Journal 12.05.2022

In December, I had a lovely trip to the countryside of Taebaek city in Gangwon-do Province. Most of the trip was spent time eating and hanging out with my wife and the friends we went with, but I was happy to take at least a little time for some photography. We had a great time the day before visiting the Mongtorang Goat Farm, and this day we enjoyed some time in the town of Hwangji. I particularly enjoy visiting the traditional markets in South Korea. Whenever possible I make a point to photograph them, after seeking them out or coming across them by chance.

In this case, I was happy to come across the Hwangji Free Market (황지자유시장) in the town center of the Hwangji neighborhood, the center town in Taebaek.

My Photography at Hwangji Free Market

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I had fun exploring the market and taking photographs there. If I have the chance to visit Taebaek, I’ll definitely return to document more. If you make your way to Taebaek, and you enjoy street photography or documentary-style photography, be sure to check it out!

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