Today was a really good day, a busy day. In the early evening, I jumped on the bus and traveled close to Namdaemun Market in Seoul. From there I walked and did street photography past Myeongdong, to Chungmuro. From Chungmuro, I walked up to Euljiro 3ga, Euljiro 4ga, and then up through Gwangjang Market to Jongno 5ga.

I met up with another photographer at the station and we headed out to explore the alleys around the Euljiro area. When he had to leave we headed back to Jongno 5ga station. Following that, I explore Gwangjang Market a little further before jumping on a bike and riding to Jongno 3ga.

Jongno 3(sam)-ga is a busy area popular as a large business district however, at night the scene is very different. Colleagues, friends, and couples get off of work, meet up, and frequently go out to eat or for drinks, or often both. The Jongno 3ga area has many restaurants, bars, and the like. I came across an area that set up many tables outside for drinking/eating, called Pocha (포차) in Korean. The entire street was lined with them. I couldn’t help but get off the bike, and explore the area, taking many photographs of the scene.

After a while, I got back on the bike and continued the journey to Jonggak, to Gwanghwamun, and then up to the Palace Gate of Gyeongbokgung, then back down. I continued biking to Seodaemun, then to Dongnimmun where I got off again to photograph the independence gate and some of the park. I had my tripod handy to take long-exposure photographs from a few angles.

My journey continued biking across line 3 stations, Dongnimmun to Muakjae to Hongje to Nokbeon to the final destination in Bulgwang. That was the complete night.

819 Photographs.
2 Hours 13 Minutes Video Footage.
16.4 Kilometers Walked.
12.85 Kilometers Cycled.

First Look Review

The photographs are yet to be edited, but I’m happy to share with you a RAW first look at the images from tonight’s adventure in this First Look Review video:

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