How have you been? Today I’m sharing some photographs that I captured back in April 2016 on a family trip to Nami Island. Nami Island is a beautiful small island in the city of Chuncheon, Gangwon Province. It makes for a beautiful day trip away from Seoul. Nami island is beautiful all year round but the springtime is especially gorgeous. The cherry blossoms are in bloom making it all the more pleasant.

On the trip to Nami Island, you will have to pay to enter and get on a ferry to take you to the location. Or you can go on a zipline if you’re more adventurous with less gear. While looking around the island you will find many families and many lovely couples spending time together looking around, having a picnic, or riding bikes. (There are also tandem bikes for 2 or three people or Surrey bikes for families available to rent.)

Most of my trip was just family oriented. I spent most of my time with my wife and young son at the time. But while looking around I did photograph others enjoying their time on the island. I’m happy to share with you three images that I captured.

Nami Island Image #1

Settings: 50mm, 1/250sec, f/2.5, 100ISO (Shot with Canon 600D + Canon 50mm Kit Lens) | Nami Island, April 2016.

Alright, so this is the first image that I have for you today. I really like the image, I love the expressions on the faces of the couple. I remember wanting to incorporate the Nami Island statue into the frame, and so that’s what I did. It’s very prominent in the foreground. However, now with some more experience and a better eye for composition, I wish I had photographed the sculpture and the couple on more of an angle so they would be less overlapping, and the three subjects would spread across the image from left to right instead of being grouped together towards the center of the frame.

There is certainly this thought when looking at the photograph, but nevertheless, it was a very cute, beautiful candid moment of this lovely couple. Which is what I appreciate the most about the image.

Nami Island Image #2

Settings: 50mm, 1/320sec, f/4.5, 400ISO (Shot with Canon 600D + Canon 50mm Kit Lens) | Nami Island, April 2016.

The second image here is also a candid moment of this couple riding bikes together through the parklike island. There are people in the background that kind of make a bit of a distraction. Given the timing, I had to photograph this couple, and the number of people all over the area, it would be very difficult to capture a moment without any background distractions. That being said, I do see room for improvement, but I’m more or less satisfied with the resulting image. The woman glanced toward me, I also wanted to capture both of them in the frame with the cherry blossoms in the back. Accomplished in my book!

Nami Island Image #3

Settings: 50mm, 1/320sec, f/4.5, 400ISO (Shot with Canon 600D + Canon 50mm Kit Lens) | Nami Island, April 2016.

This third image is my absolute favorite from a lot of photographs! I was further away from the couple and was working with a prime lens, so I was left with little options but to photograph the moment the closest I could get, and crop further in post-production. It would have been really nice to get much closer to them, you know, crop with your feet sort of speak. But doing so would very likely have disturbed the scene and the couple. This was a really lovely moment, that I was so happy to capture.

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