I’m happy to share with you just a few photographs today taken earlier in the year. These photographs will be included in my newly uploaded 4th Photo Collection entitled “Neon Lights (Seoul)”.

I have always been very fascinated with doing street/documentary-style photography since purchasing my first DSLR in 2015. I especially enjoy doing photography in the evening time as the sun goes down and the night starts. While doing photography in Seoul in the evening time, you’ll be quickly drawn into all the colorfully lit, neon lights and displays.

Through this photo collection, I’ll be adding my work depicting this beautiful aspect of Seoul! I will be adding more and more photographs to the series including past and present photographs for this project. But, I’m happy to share with you the first few images of the series.

An self serve ice-cream store with a arcade game machine out front. The photograph is a part of the documentary photography project of Neon Lights in Seoul, South Korea by The Photo Memoirs.
Neon Lights (Seoul) Collection. Seoul, March 2022.

That is all for today’s brief journal! I look forward to sharing more with you tomorrow.

In the meantime, if you want to get in contact with me you can reach out through the comments below, through email, Facebook, or Instagram.

I also am starting a free photo mentoring program. If you’re learning photography and would like some useful tips and help to improve, you can reach out to me. You will have time to talk with me about anything related to photography. I will give you some guidance to improve your skills.

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