Photo Journal 09.01.2022 (Uploading, Updating, and Displaying More Current Project Galleries)

Today’s journal is also some basic updates and news on my current projects documenting life in Seoul, South Korea. I have been bad at publicly publishing my work either on social media or on my website. I have over 100,000 photographs, but in total, I may have only shared about 0.02% of my photographs ever! I’m thrilled to start taking the time to present my work and projects on this website in galleries.

In my last journal, I briefly described my 시장 collection.

In addition, I have published 2 additional gallery pages:
1. 상가 Collection (Korean storefront documentary/street photography project.
2. Wired Seoul Collection.

The following image is an image from the Wired Seoul Collection:

Wired Seoul Collection, Documentary Photography Project in Seoul, South Korea by The Photo Memoirs
Wired Seoul Collection. Seoul, February 2022.

These three collections will be added over the next while with current, past, and upcoming images. In addition, I will be adding more projects, collections, and galleries as well.

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