Today’s journal is a simple one. I have been taking lots of photographs lately, some of which I’ll be sharing here in the near future. I’m happy to present some quick updates and news about my work.

I will soon be sharing more and more video content. I’m ready to go with some new equipment. I will be doing two different types of video content. The first is simply exploring Seoul. I will take you with me on some adventures exploring the city. I often go exploring with a camera in hand to photograph. From now as I do so, I will create videos as well to share with you real life in Korea in video form.

The second type of video content I will be preparing is centered around photography. I will highlight tips, tricks, techniques, and other general thoughts on photography, and doing photography here in Seoul, South Korea.

I hope these videos will be interesting, entertaining, and helpful for those interested in South Korea and photography.

The second news I’m happy to share with you is about Galleries or Photo Collections that I will be sharing with you here on this website! I’m very happy to present you with the start of my first Photo Collection entitled 시장. 시장, (sijang in Korean), are traditional Korean markets.

시장 Collection; Street Photography Series Documenting Korea's Traditional street markets, called 시장 (sijang) in Korean. Photo Series by The Photo Memoirs
시장 Collection Photograph

From the time I first came to Korea until now, I have been fascinated with the traditional markets. Since I purchased my first camera, I have found great joy in not only exploring these markets large and small but also documenting them. I’m happy to present the gallery to you.

I will continue to update the collection with past and future photographs.

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