As an artist and photographer, one of the most important things that you can and should do is personal photography. It has often become the case that photographers will often do their photos and create spectacular works of art but sometimes neglect what might be some of the most meaningful photographs to them personally.

Years down the line you may look back on your work with fond memories. Do you capture the everyday life that you’re living at home with your family or friends? Your husband, wife, or significant other. Perhaps your children? There are many photographers that have amazing photographs of their city, but when it comes to photos of their family, which means the most to them, they may rarely pick up their cameras. They may simply click some snaps with their phone.

I’m not against doing that, of course. But at times wouldn’t it be wonderful to get the camera out and compose the photograph and take some beautiful photographs of your loved ones? Much like you’d do for a client or another photo job. It’s not a job that pays money, but the results will now and forever be something worth so much more.

Settings: 50mm, 1/200sec, f/2.2, 1600ISO (Shot with Canon 600D + Canon 50mm f/1.8 STM Prime Lens) | January 2021

Today I share with you one of my own images of my son I took in 2021. Living in South Korea, it’s common for families to get together once a year to make kimchi for the season. Kimjang, as it’s called, is quite the experience. I was happy to photograph this image of rinsing the Chinese cabbage in the bathroom in preparation. My son’s and my mother-in-law’s hands can be seen in the frame.

One of many images I will look back fondly on from my personal photography now and for years to come.

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