There is a beautiful photography spot in Andeok-Myeon SeogwipoJeju Island. It’s a famous area called Yongmeori Coast, the name literally means dragon head coast because of its shape. On arriving we were unable to take the boat ride along the coast, but I was happy to just walk around a little bit and capture some street photography. With lots of people around it was quite pleasant to try to document the scene while on this short trip to the area. The ‘dragon coast’ is certainly a highlight, but I was also very fond of a nearby mountain called Sanbangsan.

Street Photography in Jeju Island at Yongmeori Coast, Seogwipo City by The Photo Memoirs

Some additional details about this image. The editing suits my personal style and taste with much of my street photography. A nice black-and-white image with dark blacks/shadows and bright whites/highlights. My editing process for this type of image is rather quick. I’ve already defined my style of black-and-white shots and saved those settings as presets in Lightroom. After applying the preset, I simply tweak the settings that need adjustments. Sometimes it takes a matter of 10 seconds depending on how complicated the image is. I will share more details about my editing process and Lightroom presets in some future posts and videos.

Photographed with the Canon 6D Mark ii with an f/2 35mm prime lens.
Exposure Settings:
Aperture: f/5
Shutter Speed: 1/250sec
ISO Speed: ISO-100

Any questions regarding the photography, editing style, location, etc are all welcome. Simply drop a comment below. 🙂

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