Long-exposure photography is always very interesting and fun to get creative with. On my trip to Jeju Island, even without the weather being the greatest, I had a blast working on some images! In fact, the windy/rainy weather might have even made the experience even better for me!

I discuss some of these photographs in the following video in a podcast style. I absolutely encourage you to share any thoughts on the video and photographs or questions that you have. This way we can both learn a lot and work on improving our skills.

The video discussed the following images. I’ll share them here in case you want to have a closer look:

(*All images are copyright protected. Do not use without my expressed permission.)
(**To license or purchase an image contact me directly.)

You can select/click the images to view them full-screen or to comment on them.

I had some fun that day back in March 2022. I look forward to having another visit in the future. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and questions on the images or discussion in the video!

Also, if you’d like to join my free photography mentoring program, get in touch via messenger.

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