Hello, and welcome to The Photo Memoirs. My name is Don, I’m a street/documentary-style photographer with a keen interest in high-contrast, black-and-white photos. I’m currently based in Seoul, South Korea. Where I regularly explore and document my journey with my camera and GoPro. I created The Photo Memoirs as my personal photo journal. But I created it to achieve my ultimate goal of inspiring the next generation of photographers by sharing my insights and motivation and giving guidance to passionate upcoming photographers.

I plan to do so, through what I call The Photography Mentoring Program. (You can sign up for free below)

My Personal Work

Before breaking down some of the details of the Photography Mentoring Program, I’d like to present some of my own photography. As mentioned above, I do a documentary/street-style, high-contrast black-and-white work while exploring Seoul. (*Your choice/style of photography doesn’t need to match mine to participate in the program)

What You Will Learn

The Photography Mentoring Program is currently completely free to sign up for and join the program. I will communicate with each student on a regular basis through email.

What can you expect through the program?

The main portion of the Photography Mentoring Program will help you get started and learn the basics of photography, then we will discuss your desired photography style and genre, or help you to choose yours. The next portion of the program will involve choosing a photography project that’s of interest to you, and helping you plan, develop, and then complete a body of work you will be proud of.

I will be guiding you through this process step-by-step from start to finish, providing valuable feedback and advice on your progress.

Additionally, the following will also be available to you:

  • – Photo Challenges
  • – Instruction and Advice on Composition, Style, and More
  • – Portfolio, Social Media, and Photography Reviews
  • – Invitations to Additional Photography Events
  • – Feedback and Suggestions to Improve Your Work
  • – Live stream Events and Zoom Meetings/Discussions
  • – Ask Questions or for Advice at your Convenience.

To jump in and improve your photography starting now, sign up through the following form. (After subscribing, you will need to check your email to confirm your subscription to the program.)

Sign Up for the Program

Subscribe to join the Photo Mentoring Program. Also receive additional photography inspiration, motivation, and useful tips and tricks.


  1. Hi Mr. Don! I’m from the Philippines and I love your style. Hope to learn from you!

    • I’m looking forward to seeing the results! Be sure to fill in the form and confirm through the link in the confirmation email!
      I’ll be in touch within a couple of days with some details about the beginning of the program.

  2. Maxleo Jul Padel

    Hi, Mr Don! I’m max, and I’m a freelance photographer based in the Philippines. I actually love the vibe of black and white and wanted to improve it. 🙂

  3. Hello, I’m Alma a university freshman. I’m really interested in photography as well as videography and editing but I lack knowledge and it’s quite different from my course. But I’m really willing to learn. Hope this mentorship program help me grow my skills if ever😊.

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