Welcome to my complete Jeju Island Photography Guide. With photographers in mind, I will be providing an overview of Jeju Island based on my previous visits and photography.

To start off, Jeju Island is absolutely gorgeous. It is a hotspot for Korean and international tourists all year round. The sea, including both the beaches and along black volcanic rocky coastlines, make for a variety of beautiful photographic possibilities. The towns and cities on the island follow the circular coastline, while the center of the island is home to South Korea’s largest mountain, the inactive volcano, Halla Mountain. In addition, there are a few smaller islands off the coast that are reachable by a short boat ride.

Don’t assume that because it’s an island, Jeju is small. It’s by no means small! In fact, it’s 3 times the size of the Korean capital city Seoul! That means delving deep into exploring all the corners in a mere couple of days is impossible. The average person could spend a week visiting some of the highlights of the island. An avid photographer full of curiosity, such as myself could spend months, walking, exploring, and documenting the island through photography.

Jeju Island is divided into two administrative ‘cities’. Jeju City, which consists of the northern portion of the island, and the city of Seogwipo, the southern portion.

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Jeju Island Photography Guide

This Photography Guide of Jeju Island will serve as a brief overview of the entire island. To take a closer look at specific neighborhoods or attractions, you may select and open the desired location below.

(This guide will be continuously updated.)

My Photography Activities in Jeju Island (12.04.2022~Current):
Video Footage:

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Jeju City (제주시)

When Jeju City is mentioned, people are usually referring to the central city area of the northern area of the island. (The entirety of the northern half is administrated as Jeju City.) This immediate portion will consider this main central area, followed by 4 surrounding towns (eup—a division of a city with less than 500,000 population) and 3 townships (myeon—similar to ‘eup’, but with a smaller population and considered a rural area.) These 7 areas are considered in detail below.

Ildo-dong (일도동, 일도1동, 일도2동)

Ildo-dong is a neighborhood located almost dead center of the city of Jeju in the northern part not far from the coast. I have yet been able to fully explore the streets in this area. However, I enjoyed very much exploring and spending time photographing in Dongmun Traditional Market, which is a huge, crowded market area located in this neighborhood.

Dongmun Market








Seogwipo City (서귀포)

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