Since I first picked up a camera, I was quickly drawn to street photography. But there’s something so special about street photography in Seoul. There’s so much beauty, so much to explore and see. Seoul is a busy area with many unique neighborhoods, alleys, and areas to photograph at all times day and night. I have been doing street photography in Seoul for nearly 8 years now and I have absolutely loved exploring and documenting my journey throughout the city. I’m very happy to present to you my Guide to Street Photography in Seoul.

(*This guide will be continuously updated*)

Where to do Street Photography in Seoul?

The beautiful thing about street photography is that it doesn’t depend on specific circumstances or location. You can do street photography anywhere you can find people in their environment. The majority of street photographers associate their work with being in a certain city. That’s not to say, it’s not possible in smaller towns, with smaller populations, but rather, there’s so much more to observe and photograph in the city. There’s so much going on at literally any moment when you’re immersed in creating images in the city. That’s certainly true of street photography in Seoul, as well.

I have certain locations that I frequently visit in Seoul to do street photography. I will outline some of these areas below. But before that, I’d like to share with you the characteristics/features of the city that I look for in any given neighborhood in Seoul, or even other cities and towns throughout the country. Even if I’m in a certain neighborhood for the very first time, I thoroughly enjoy finding and exploring the following areas: Traditional Markets and Alleyways.

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