Gangwon-do province is a beautiful province in the Northeast of South Korea. It borders North Korea to the north, Gyeonggi province to the west, North Chungcheong to the southwest, and North Gyeongsang to the southeast.

Gangwon-do comprises 18 administrative districts, including 7 cities and 11 counties.

Gangwon-do Cities: Chuncheon, Donghae, Gangneung, Samcheok, Sokcho, Taebaek, and Wonju.

Gangwon-do Counties: Cherwon, Goseong, Hoengseong, Hongcheon, Hwacheon, Inje, Jeongseon, Pyeongchang, Yanggu, Yangyang, and Yeongwol.

Gangwon-do is very famous for excursions out of Seoul. There is much to see. There are beautiful mountain ranges, including the fantastic Seoraksan National Park mountains in Sokcho. Gangwon-do is also famous for the cities and towns on the east sea coast, which draw many people in for the beaches and delicious seafood!

If you’re coming to South Korea for more than a couple of weeks, I highly recommend visiting the northeast province of Gangwon-do. There are many interesting sites to see, explore, and photograph. It will certainly give you a very different view of South Korea, Korean culture, and the Korean people as opposed to simply staying within Seoul.

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Gangwon-do Photo Guide

This Photo Guide of Gangwon-do will serve as a general guide to the entire province. To look closely at a specific city, county, or attraction, you may select and open the desired location below.

(This guide will be continuously updated.)

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Gangwon-do Cities







Taebaek is a rural area famous mainly for its beautiful snow-covered mountain ranges.

View of Taebaek from Mongtorang Mountain Goat farm in Gangwon-do Province, South Korea

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Gangwon-do Counties










Yangyang, and


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