On a daily basis, I try to do photography as much as I can throughout my day. I absolutely love photography! There are not many people out there who are more passionate about photography than I am. However, as much as I’m enthusiastic about my craft, I can say with certainty that it isn’t the most important thing in my life. There are things much more precious in life that should never be taken for granted! Love for photography should never take first place over such things, for example, one’s family among other priorities. I try to have for myself a sort of schedule. I plan the most important things first, and with that set in firmly in place, I plan out my remaining time to explore and document life around me.

At times the photo work that I do can be a full day, morning to evening, to work on a particular project away from home. But at other times, I may only take a few photographs on a brief walk near my home or workplace, or even while commuting. I think a proper work-life balance is essential, even when it comes to photography as a profession or as a hobby! I would never want to be praised for being a successful or amazing photographer if it was at the expense of those more important things, such as my relationship with my son or my wife. It’s just not a risk I’m willing to take! Ever!

Today was such a day where I did little in terms of photography. I ran errands with my wife, played with my son when he finished school, and did some studying and preparations for other personal events. I put that first, and only after that did I go out for a bit of a walk to take some photographs. Following that, I’m writing this complete photo journal for today. In this complete day’s journal, I share briefly my photography thoughts and activities. What I learned today or felt and what I thought would be important to share with you for your benefit. I will share a few highlights below, but I may include a few separate posts detailing some more details, photos, or videos on some points I’m really enthusiastic or excited about. (I will list those posts below as well.)

Today’s Photo Activities:

Walking Distance: 7.6 KM*
Steps Walked: 10,549*
Flights Climbed: 17 Floors*
*Not Exclusively Photo Related.
Photographs Taken: 66
Video Footage: 21mins 27secs.

This morning-early afternoon, I spent time doing errands and being with my family. Afterward, I worked a little on this website. I went out a little before sunset and had a photo walk just nearby my home for about 45 minutes. This is near Dokbawi station in Bulgwang 1(il) Dong, Eunpyeong Gu, in North-West Seoul.

Hanbok Photoshoot Portrait of Nikko at Bukchon Hanok Village in Seoul.

In the evening, I edited some photographs from a recent hanbok photoshoot in Bukchon Hanok Village with Nikko. Finalizing some of the images I sent the photographs to him. (Although I don’t normally share this type of work through this website, I do portrait photo sessions. If you’re visiting Seoul and would like to book a photoshoot, please get in contact with me via email or any of my social media channels.)

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