Bukhansan National Park is the most extensive mountain range in SeoulSouth Korea, and surrounding areas. The following is a complete look at my personal photography journal detailing my adventures to and nearby the national park.

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September 2014

The final day of photography in September 2014 was a trip I took to Bukhansan National Park. I climbed to the top peak with a couple of friends who were visiting Seoul at the time. I took my camera and took several photographs. I recall being frustrated not knowing how to deal with the smoggy-like atmosphere. I wasn’t able to capture any images to my satisfaction at the time. Here are some of the images from the hike.

I found these gates from the Joseon dynasty to be very fascinating to photograph. There are several main gates closer to the base of the mountain after walking up for about 20 minutes we came up to this gate built during the Joseon dynasty and patrolled by guards keeping watch in the past.

The hike to the top of the mountain is quite a ways! I have visited several different peaks of this mountain over the past 10 years living in South Korea. It’s always interesting to explore the different trails, discover temples or figures, and view the city from the higher points of the journey. Of course, nothing beats the view from the very peak of the mountain, where you can hang on the large rocky plateaus.

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